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A bit about what we do at AlgaeControl.US

AlgaeControl.US, based in Charleston, SC is a Master Distributor for Sonic Solutions LLC ultrasound algae control devices. We currently have over 50 authorized dealers nationwide providing you a wide variety of expertise; from water garden experts to pond and lake biologists to industrial wastewater engineers. Using sound “green” water management practices positively impacts everyone’s water quality and helps protect and preserve our environment, fish and wildlife.

The Sonic Solutions algae control devices are scaled for different sized water systems with application ranges of 250 to 850 feet for green algae and over 2200 feet for blue-green algae. You can fit your system with the right device or combination of devices from a watergarden to a 6.5 acre pond with a single unit or lakes, and reservoirs with multiple units! AlgaeControl.US is pleased to offer these products to you in the USA and Worldwide.

How Does Ultrasonic Algae Control Work?

Our devices float just below the surface and operate 24-hours a day providing coverage for up to 6.5 acres depending on conditions. Multiple units can be installed for larger bodies of water such as industrial tanks,huge ponds and large lakes. It is easy to install, requires very little maintenance, and uses less than 18 average watts of power.

Is Ultrasound Safe for me to use around my Fish?

Yes, ultrasound has been proven time and time again to be extremely safe for fish and other aquatic wildlife. You might note that our ultrasonic units are frequency tuned to damage just the cellular wall of the algae. Therefore, this range of frequency is ultimately not harmful to other wildlife. We have of course personally tested the devices in a variety of situations such as Koi ponds and other types of fish ponds and not only noted zero ill affects, but the fish would swim up to the unit, look it over and then eventually swim away. There has been no indication whatsoever of any kind of stress or stress related reactions caused by our applications...other than a bit of curiosity by the fish themselves!
SonicSolutions® - How to remove algae from pools and ponds? SonicSolutions' environmentally safe ultrasonic transducers are ideal for fighting pool and pond algae without harming other aquatic life. SonicSolutions® floats just below the surface, fighting pool and pond algae, water treatment algae, farm pond algae, fish pond algae, and even algae in irrigation ponds and reservoirs.

Taking Chemical Free Algae Control Solutions to New Levels!

Chemical-Free Ultrasonic Algae Control: AlgaeControl.US has cooperated with Sonic Solutions to assist in the development of the latest `state of the art` generation of ultrasonic technology for WWTP, Lagoons, Potable Water and Irrigation Reservoirs, Cooling Towers, Water Storage Tanks, Ponds, Lakes, Swimming Pools, Water Gardens, Koi Ponds, etc. Now with a 40 kHz bandwidth and 79 frequencies generated, the Sonic Solutions Ultrasonic Algae Control devices are the most effective on the world market. AlgaeControl.US is the Master Distributor for Sonic Solutions, LLC. Learn more…