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AlgaeControl.US LLC is the Master Distributor of Sonic Solutions, LLC product line of ultrasonic algae control products. In early spring 2006 the owners tested the ultrasound product in their own aquaculture ponds only to discover that the ultrasound was very effective in controlling the algae. Now, in co-operation with Sonic Solutions, a new state of the art operating technology has been developed to surpass all other marketed products of this type.

Research studies have been conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency, The Department of Natural Resources, the US Navy, and the US Department of Agriculture, as well as many city and town municipalities across the country. The product has been taken to new levels of performance by generating 79 frequencies from 24 to 64 kHz at output levels beyond our competition. The executive staff at AlgaeControl.US encompasses over 50 years in water management, 50 years in aquaculture, and over 30 years in industrial processes & chemical engineering.

The AlgaeControl.US products are currently offered through a diverse network of over 50+ authorized dealers throughout the United States, Canada, France, New Zealand, South Korea, Russia, Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Guatemala, Colombia, and Barbados. Since the water industry is so vast, each one of our dealers typically specialize in a particular areas of expertise which include: Design/build Koi ponds and water gardens, decorative fountains, and swimming pools, irrigation systems for agriculture and horticulture, organic farming and hydroponics, industrial potable water and waste water, commercial pond management businesses, aquaculture fisheries biologists, and lake and stream planning and design specialists.

It is our intent to continue to establish the ultrasound product as one of the best environmental practices available for algae and biofilm control on the market today. We hope that our sincere efforts will eventually make a significant impact on our eco-system and improve our way of life; by removing harmful chemicals from our environment where we all stand to prosper. Join us today!

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