SS 600

For larger ponds and lakes

SS 600

SS 600 is now the strongest algae control device on the world market today.

Designed for industrial applications and large lake bodies, it has output levels more than twice the capability of the nearest competitor..

In this field, it is the effective distance or reach of the ultrasound waves that is of primary importance, more so than the volume of the water treated. Of course, the speed that the algae are killed depends on the kinds of algae in the system, but one thing is certain: there is no other ultrasonic device today that acts as fast and with as much effective range as the SS 600. Its state of the art electronics are unmatched in the industry allowing it to operate in effective frequency ranges that other devices cannot duplicate.

The piezo element in the device was specially designed to create vibration frequencies that are fatal for various kinds of algae, but are harmless to humans, animals, fish and aquatic plants. An added plus is that it is also effective in killing destructive root-parasitic fungi like Fusarium and Pythium. The SS 600 projector is suspended beneath float holding it just below the water's surface. In green algae, the vibrations break the contractile vacuole connection to the inner protective membrane called the plasmalemma. In blue-green algae, a tiny group of tubes called gas vesicles are broken causing these type of algae to sink to the bottom out of light where they die.

The Market for this Super Algae killing device

The SS 600 has already found its way into numerous applications all over the world including potable water and waste water industrial applications. The National Science Foundation - NSF 61 rating assures the client that no material will emit from the device that is harmful to the water system. The UL listing of the power supply assures the client of the manufactured quality and safety of the device.

Product Manual

Technical Data—SS 600
Range: 854 feet for roaming algae and much, much farther for blue-green algae.
Power Used: 18 Watts avg. (Peak 50 watts)
Input: 120 volt AC common household current
Cable Length: 50' (extendable to 200')
Ratings: UL Listed, NSF 61 Certified

Detailed View of Output Beam Pattern and Control Range

 UL imageCE image
Certified to NSF/ANSI 61: All Models
US LISTED power supply for outdoor use E322023