SS 500

For larger ponds

SS 500

The SS 500 has the power to affect larger pond sizes for both green roaming and diatom algae as well as blue-green.

The Unit will handle ponds up to a maximum of 3.6 acres with a reach of 632 feet. The key to effectiveness of this device, is due to the programmable controller that is adaptable to new findings in algae control technology.

The programmable element can be adapted to make the unit cover smaller frequency segments so that more algae can be effective. With nearly 100000 different algae species, greater range coverage is key to the unmatched performance of this device to control both algae and biofilm. No other algae control system has this degree of coverage.

The coverage range has been expanded 3 fold to cover a 40 kilohertz range with 79 different frequencies. The closest competitor only covers 16 kilohertz with 16 frequencies

The piezo projector in these type devices has a non-linear output response across the bandwidth. To maximize its effectiveness, the circuitry has to be designed to compensate for and match this characteristic to make the output response equalized across the bandwidth. This compensation makes it more efficient than any other device on the market.

Product Manual

Technical Data for SS 500
Range: 632 Feet
Power Consumption: 13 Watts average (40 Peak Watts)
Input: 120/220 VAC or 24 VDC
Cable Length: 50' (extendable to 200')
Ratings: UL Listed, NSF 61 Certified

Detailed View of Output Beam Pattern and Control Range

 UL imageCE image
Certified to NSF/ANSI 61 Models: SS 400, SS 500, SS 600