SS 200

For small ponds and pools

SS 200

The SS 200 is an ultrasonic device that kills algae in an environmentally friendly way without having to add excessive amounts of chlorine into the pool to achieve both disinfection and algae removal.

The swimmers will also appreciate the reduced chlorine requirements in the water where high levels can cause considerable eye irritation, damage to their swim wear and hair, and the sharp penetrating, unpleasant smell. Chlorine and all chemicals not only are damaging the environment, but costs the swimming pool owner money week in and week out for treatment.

The SS 200 also kills the obstinate black algae which grow between the joints of ceramic or marmor tiles. Once dead, these algae are easily removed, never to return to your pool.

An extra advantage of the device is that the slimy green layer (bio-film with attached algae) that forms on the sides of a swimming pool will loosen from the walls and can be easily cleaned. A swimming pool requires the regular addition of some disinfecting medium, because of dirt and urine that enter the water from time to time. The overall additions of chemicals will be greatly reduced and hardly needed with the elimination of algae by the SS 200.

The SS 200 was purposely designed for private swimming pools in that it is economical in price and power consumption, yet uses the same technical precision and quality as the more industrial Sonic Solutions algae killing devices.

The SS 200 will also help keep the pH value of the pool water more stable due to lower chemical treatment loading. The device starts functioning from the moment the transducer is put into the pool water. It should be installed in an inconspicuous place (for example behind the pool ladder). The electronic power box is a water proof, UL approved outdoor rated device. It is permanently sealed from at the factory. Two lights show power on and ultrasound on.

For bio swimming pools the SS 200 is indispensable, as in these kinds of pools chemicals cannot be used at all. Some builders of bio swimming pools integrate the SS 200 right away in their construction from the beginning as an extra service for their clients.

Of course the same device can be used in similar medium sized water volumes like small lakes, natural ponds and water volumes within its range of effectiveness.

Product Manual

Technical Data for SS 200
Range: 395 feet
Power Consumption: 7 Watts avg. (25 Watts peak)
Input: 120/220 VAC or 24 VDC
Cable Length: 50' cable from
power box to projector and
extendable to 200'
Detailed View of Output Beam Pattern and Control Range

 UL imageCE image
Certified to NSF/ANSI 61 Models: SS 400, SS 500, SS 600