SS 100

For small ponds and pools

Sonic Solutions SS 100

More and more home owners have installed decorative water gardens with plants, Koi and other fish for their enjoyment and beauty. To sustain their beauty and health, these gardens need clean, clear water so the plants and fish will thrive.

The Sonic Solutions SS 100 was designed to help these owners maintain their water gardens by eliminating many of the tiring activities like frequent pond cleaning and algae growth removal without having to use nature damaging chemicals.

Though it is the smallest of the five Sonic Solutions devices, in its scaled down output range it has the same ability to exterminate algae just as quickly and effectively as the larger units.

It is built with the same high quality and technical capability of the other devices while being sized more suitably for private use. It is economical to operate, with a power consumption rate about the same as a refrigerator light bulb.

The method is like that of the other devices as well, using ultrasonic sound waves through the water to break the "rigid" cell wall that houses the life of the algae.

The underwater sound waves it produces are harmless to humans, fish, plants and animals. Its targeted effect is to algae and some types of destructive fungi.

Most types of dead algae sink to the bottom. The ones which float to the surface should be scooped out of the water to help speed up the overall initial cleaning. Afterwards the development of the algae spores which drift into the water by the wind and rain will be stopped from growing as long as the SS 100 is operating.

An extra advantage is that the green slimy layer (bio-film) most water gardens have on their walls will come off or will at the very least be a lot easier to remove.

Also after installation, you should find that the water's pH will remain in balance much better and give aquatic plants a better chance to develop and thrive.

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Product Manual

Technical Data SS 100
Range: 247 Feet
Power Input: 120 Volts
Consumption: 5 Watts avg. (20 Watts peak)
Cable Length: 50' feet from control box to
projector and extendable to 200'
Detailed View of Output Beam Pattern and Control Range

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Certified to NSF/ANSI 61 Models: SS 400, SS 500, SS 600