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SonicSolutions® ultrasonic algae control uses no chemicals and has proven to be effective in tanks, lakes, reservoirs and more. It’s been sucessfully used at power plants, golf courses, botanical gardens, water and wastewater treatment plants, marinas, and other personal and commercial installations. It lowers pH and TSS! Floating just below the surface, the device operates 24-hours a day providing coverage for up to 6.5 acres depending on conditions. Multiple units can be installed for larger applications. It is easy to install, requires almost no maintenance and uses less than 20 watts of power on average.

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For small ponds and fish ponds:
For swimming pools up to olympic size and tanks:
For medium size bodies of water up to 2 acres:
For large bodies of water up to 4.5 acres:
For large bodies of water and industrial systems:
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